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Norgay is a tool to monitor the performance, safety and reliability of the elevators. The KPI reports can be used in discussion with the service provider to focus on improving maintenance quality.

Norgay allows building management to configure notifications for critical situations. Therefore as a manager I am always up-to-date with the status of my elevators.

Norgay is a virtual liftbook that brings all of your equipment maintenance records together. No matter how many different service providers are maintaining your equipment, the records are all found in Norgay.

Norgay can be used by multiple levels of the technical management organization.

As an example the fire control center officers can use Norgay to report breakdowns on site. Technical management team on the other hand can plan maintenance schedules and review reported repairs.

Yes. Norgay acts as a two-way reporting tool between building management and the maintenance provider. Building management can include Norgay usage into maintenance contract agreement. Elevating Studio arranges Norgay training for maintenance contractor.
Yes. However, to fully benefit from Norgay's KPI measurement capabilities, KPI targets must have been agreed. If no targets have been included, adjustments might be required for the maintenance contract.

Norgay is a cloud based software which is accessed through any modern web browser or Norgay mobile app.

Norgay mobile app is available for iOS and Android smartphones. iOS app is available on iTunes Store and Android app is available in Google Play Store.

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