Revised: July 18th 2017

The privacy policy covers information practices for the services accessed in domain The policy covers access to the service endpoint via web browser, iOS application and Android application. Norgay is a cloud-based vertical transportation asset management tool. If you have any questions related to the below privacy policy, please contact us via support[at]


The user itself or an authorized person must provide the following information of the user who is going to use Norgay. You must ensure that you are authorized to disclose the information about yourself or other users, and that Elevating Studio can store your data as described in this Policy. The following information is inserted into Norgay by an authorized user from Elevating Studio or from the client company. Elevating Studio will never distribute this information to any third parties. Other users of the same Customer and related Service Provider Customer users are able to see the following information of an user:

Norgay uses the above described information to verify user identity and to communicate with the users.


All records in Norgay are stored on servers hosted by Singaporean service provider SimplerCloud ( and the servers are physically located in Singapore. All data transfer between database server, application server and the client are encrypted with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. Elevating Studio is committed to protect your privacy and we take all reasonable precautions to block unauthorized data access. However as communication over Internet always includes a risk of data thievery or loss, Elevating Studio does not guarantee absolute security of data at all times. Upon discovering a possible privacy breach, we will inform and advice you at first reasonable opportunity.


As Users browse the Norgay application through web browser, the software may collect information through “Website Navigational Information”. This includes IP address, browser technical information, language and actions performed in the software (such as links clicked).


Norgay mobile application may provide Elevating Studio with information related to users' use of the mobile application and information regarding users' computer systems. Mobile application requests user to grant access to device camera, photo album and location. This information is used to support the form and media data user submits to Norgay.